National Day, Saudi Arabia

Today (Thursday, September 23) is the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 78 years ago in 1932, the Kingdom was officially proclaimed and recognized as a nation, though the first Saudi state can be traced back in the mid 1700s.

I just find it quite unfortunate (at least on my own opinion) that our calendars have a mark on September 22 as a holiday and not September 23.

2010 Company Calendar

Early this year while doing the vacation planning for our Department, someone informed me not to count September 22 as it was marked as official holiday in our company calendar. (I still do not have a copy of the new calendar and I was using my planner – which was also issued by the company – and incidentally it identify correctly September 23 as the National Holiday). Curiously I inquired with our HR Department, to which I was told that indeed “September 22 is a non-working day because it is the National Day”, at this point I corrected the staff from HR (non-Saudi) by saying September 23 is Saudi Arabia’s national day and not September 22. I simply continued telling the HR staff that perhaps this is just a rescheduled day-off as September 23 falls on a weekend.

I just find it inappropriate (again on my personal view) to mark September 22 (instead of September 23) as their national day, in a way this is misinformation (to say the least, if not a disrespect)… I can not imagine USA marking July 3 (instead of July 4) or the Philippines marking June 11 (instead of June 12) as their respective national day.

Anyhow, congratulations to my Saudi friends on the occasion of their National Day.


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