Rinojo Turns Seven

Severino Jose is now seven today (October 5), but his ‘party’ will be on Thursday (October 7) as it is the weekend here. Seven years ago when I first became a daddy, he got his mom into CS operation. He was born at Dr. Khalid Idriss Hospital in Jeddah.

I named him Severino (to honor my Dad) and Jose (to honor my wife’s Dad). Incidentally my Grandfather (whom I never met) name was Jose, as well as I have a brother also named Jose.

Rinojo Turns 7, the official invitation

I could have been more ‘creative’ (he he) to name him after me, and call him “Junior” (he he again), but nah, I prefer to name him the old fashioned way. I hope his name would carry an aura of dignity and honor. On various occasion, people would think that his name is my name and my name is his name. I even experienced receiving an official “Job Offer” addressed to “Severino Jose Oliveros”.

Jejemon Version... je je je


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