Installing Mac OS X

A couple of days ago, the MacBook Pro I am using (issued by the company) won’t boot and stuck at the ‘loading screen’ (the rotating wheel with the apple logo on top and a gray background). Out of curiosity (though I should have let IT Department fix it) I decided to try fixing it myself. At first I simply tried, using the disk utilities software, to verify and repair but is always receiving error messages. After everything else that I can think of failed, I decided to format the hardisk and have a fresh install.

I am used to formatting PCs and installing OS from way back the Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me era to the Windows XP and Windows Vista. But this time I am a little bit hesitant as this is a Mac and my relationship with this kind of machine still runs short of a year.

Good thing there is exactly the same machine (the MacBook Pro, issued to my wife) that I can always compare and refer to, as well as the rich resources available at the internet.

Installing Mac OSX for MacBook Pro

And fortunately I succeeded! Reinstalling applications is a breeze and more like a copy-and-paste procedure. After the installation, software updates runs like a charm as well. Now I love Mac more, it is really user-friendly.


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