Tribute to Ate Ruth

Monday – November 08, 2010: I received a text message from Manila informing me that my sister Ruth was “at the hospital but is already fine”, while I thought they are simply informing me and the situation is not serious, I still have worries at the back of my mind.

Wednesday – November 09, 2010: While having my lunch break at home, I received another text message that my sister Ruth is forever gone. I do not know how to react. I am very very sad. I just drove back to the office with tears flowing in my eyes.

Saddest Text Message

Saddest Text Message Received

At the office, I made a decision to go home to Manila to pay my final respect for her. I filled-in the required documentation for my leave of absence and for obtaining exit/reentry visa, while simultaneously searching for available flight. It was a peak season due to the closing of the Hajj season where most pilgrims are leaving Saudi Arabia. I was able to secure a November 12 flight via Singapore Airlines. When I arrived home, my wife asked if it is possible for her and my two kids to accompany me — I was fortunate to secure seats exactly the same flights as I have.

Friday – November 12, 2010: A gloomy afternoon, on the way to Jeddah Airport. It seldom rains in Saudi Arabia, but it seems Heaven is sympathizing with my sadness and longing to go back home for my sister.

Heaven Cries

On the way to the airport on a gloomy afternoon

Saturday – November 13, 2010: When I arrived home and peeked inside her coffin, it could be my illusion or a psychological effect, but I saw and feel her smiling at me, probably a message that I was able to come home to attend her wake.

Psalm 73:26

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Tuesday – November 16, 2010: Last sacrament being given by Fr. Cuevas at St. Rose of Lima Parish Church – Teresa, Rizal. This is my first time to enter this Church… and her last.

Last Rites

St. Rose of Lima, Parish Church - Teresa Rizal

It was raining the day of her interment, but stopped during the funeral procession. I captured the view of the skies as her casket is being lowered to her final resting place. The thick clouds looks to me like a battalion of Angels fetching her to go to Heaven.

Ruth Ramos Oliveros, 53 (March 26, 1957 to November 09, 2010).

Rest In Peace Ate Ruth.


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