Change Oil – KIA Sportage 25,000 KMS

At 25,800+ kms, finally I was able to have my car undergo the scheduled check up and maintenance. Technically, it is supposed to be at 25,000 kms but due to busy schedule, I was only able to have my car serviced with several hundred kms more.

I arrive back here in Saudi Arabia on the 26th November. I can only schedule the maintenance check on a weekend which is a Thursday (Friday is closed) and I need to have it done at Jeddah. On 2nd December, I went to KIA Service Center in Jeddah but unfortunately I was advised they can no longer accommodate my car as they already reached the quota. I was at the service center at around 8:45 AM. Service center opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 1:00 PM, Thursday is a half day.

I tried to insist of having my car included but to no avail. I gave up insisting after learning that the service center only have 2 technicians on-duty that day, and I think with the number of cars there are, it is indeed difficult to include a car more.

The following week, on 9th of December I returned to KIA Service Center, this time I arrived at exactly 8:00 AM. I was thinking I was early, but lo and behold there is already a long queue.

I arrived at KIA Service Center at exactly 8:00 AM only to find a long queue already.

Luckily, my car was admitted at the Service Center, and mind you, mine was the last admitted. I can feel the frustration of other car owners who came few minutes after me — and I can imagine how myself would react if I also came few minutes late again.

Maintenance @ 25,000 KMS

I noticed though that this time, there are four technicians working. With the number of vehicles at the service center, I do not think two would be enough.

KIA Service Center at AutoMall Jeddah

The check up, maintenance and change oil for my car was completed past 12:00 Noon, and it cost me SR 595 (with SR 360 as labor cost).

This maintenance check up cost me SR 595


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