A Day at the Park

Yesterday, the last day for our kids “Winter Break”, we decided to have a walk at the park, Sophie was in the mood for the for some slides, to which I took a video of it.

Then we went away from the park and decided to try the sands near the shores of Red Sea. Rinojo and Joyce meantime ride their bikes – with the intent to lose some weights gained during the holiday season :)


Losing some holiday fats by biking...

The kids enjoyed playing with the sand, wrote their names on it and ‘treasure-hunted’ for sea shells. The place, except for the sounds of the waves and the breeze is relaxingly calm and quiet.

Wet Feet

Joyce having her feet wet

We stayed for a while, enjoyed the cool winter breeze, until before the sun sets at the Red Sea. Some resident birds come and go near the place we are located, unmindful of our presence.

Sun beginning to set

Sun beginning to set...

Perhaps it is best to go outside more often, take some pictures and video, then post on this blog.


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