Chipped Car Windshield

Last Friday night, on the way home from Jeddah, I was cruisin’ Madinah highway at a speed of about 150 kph, I heard a noise (something like a ‘miniature sonic boom’) which sounded as if something heavy inside my car (KIA Sportage) fell down.

Chipped Car Windshield

In the afternoon the following day (Saturday) only did I noticed that my car’s windshield was chipped. I was not able to notice it earlier as I thought it is just a splat of the several insects caught by my windshield. I called my friend from Jeddah to consult on what to do best. I was thinking of replacing the entire windshield albeit costly and time consuming. Luckily (at least for now) that he recommended to have it repaired instead.

Therefore, I went to Jeddah the following day Sunday, to have it repaired. Below is how looks like after the repair:

After the repair...

Good thing the damage was at the upper portion at the front of the passenger side. Though I am quite uncomfortable about the quality of the repair, this fix would at least delay the need to replace the entire windshield – and hoping it really would last long.

The repair costs me only SR 50.


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