Today, 25 February 2011 is the 25th anniversary commemorating the first (*first because there is a second — successful that is) Filipino uprising which forced a sitting President, more popularly known as ‘EDSA Revolution’.

Incidentally, a tide of revolution is currently sweeping across the Middle East. Tunisia and Egypt being the first casualties (removal of their respective Presidents) of this popular uprising. Bahrain and Libya is heating up.

Meantime, in Saudi Arabia the benevolence of the reigning King Abdullah manifests a far cry from the sentiments of her neighboring countries. It can not be argued that the King is well loved by his subjects. The King had just arrived last Wednesday from the USA for his medical treatment, and as soon as he arrived he made several decrees for the benefit of Saudi citizens and expatriates alike.

Though the timing of his benevolent action may be interpreted as a political gesture of appeasing the citizenry, this may nonetheless not be true. The King is known to be generous. Several years ago, specifically when he assumed the throne, one of his very first decrees was indeed to provide benefits for his people. Development in Saudi Arabia was in full swing amidst the global financial crisis being experienced several years ago – and with the development still being rolled across Saudi Arabia.

I can safely say, Saudi Arabia is immune to popular uprising. People here love the King. Tomorrow (Saturday) is declared as a public holiday, in line with the return of the King to his homeland.

Long live the King!


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