UBS Islamic Global Equities Fund

Last week, I received a notice from our HR Department (Benefits and Compensation), informing that the UBS Islamic Global Equities Fund will be closed effective 17 October 2011.

Since 2009, I have volunteered to invest 10% of my basic salary (plus additional equal match as my employer’s contribution) to the following plans:

  • 30% – UBS Islamic Global Equities Fund
  • 40% – Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund
  • 30% – Vanguard U.S. Fundamental Value Fund
  • To date, below is the performance (rate of return) of my fund.

    Rate of return from September 2008 to September 2011

    With the closure of ‘Islamic Global Equities Fund’ I have reallotted the 30% share of the said fund to make both my ‘Global Stock Index Fund’ and ‘U.S. Fundamental Value Fund’ each at 50% with my monthly contribution.

    New Fund Subscription

    It is now 50/50

    With the trend still downwards in lieu of (another) global economic recession, particularly with Europe showing signs of slowdown — this mutual funds “game” is really risky.


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