Waiting for Schengen Visa Approval

This is an update from my post last week regarding my Schengen Visa application. Yesterday I went to the General Consulate of Italy in Jeddah for an interview.

The Consulate General of Italy in Jeddah

I was there at around 12 noon but stayed in the car until 12:30 then tried to enter the premises. However, I was not allowed to enter until 1:00PM, thus I went back to the car and waited for the time. As usual it is a hot and humid day in Saudi Arabia. I have to keep myself cool and fresh inside the car (with the AC on). Then when the clock hits 1:00PM I sprayed another batch of perfume and went to the gate of the consulate, where I was asked to deposit my cellphone. I was told to proceed to the office.

After a while, I was asked to enter a room for the the interview.

Before the end of the interview, he jokingly mentioned to his colleague that I will migrate to Italy. I countered (also half joking on a light mood) that it is not possible as I need my kids to continue with their schooling.

His colleague, who seems to be aware about the nature of business of my employer, nodded as if confirming that I have an excellent employer and benefits that I can not simply let go.

In the end, the interviewer reiterated that it is difficult to obtain a Schengen Visa from Italian Embassy/Consulate (at least for someone having a Filipino nationality like me) but he motioned tha the will discuss my application with the Consul General and will help me obtain the visa.

I was asked to call them on Monday (17 October) to find out the result.


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