IT Requests For My Service

Yesterday, together with a staff from our IT and a couple of colleagues, I met with the VP of our Department. Part of the agenda is to seek his approval to allow me work with our IT Department in developing web applications. It is like, they will be borrowing me. I like the idea, though prior to meeting with the VP, I explained to IT that this may be temporary but I require to be full time, as it is not ideal to code programs one moment then work on something else the next moment.

Unfortunately, the VP rejected the proposal, reasoning that I can not leave my current task.

Among others, I have written a web application for bus booking system and was able to integrate it on Facebook. However, our IT Department would not allow to integrate my webapp on our intranet website as it is their policy that web applications should be developed in-house.

We should submit a request, specifying our requirement then they will develop the program (and development would involve funding and would take months).

Bus booking and Seat Reservation System

I developed this system, but was not approved to be integrated on our intranet site.

The reason, I was invited to work with IT is to legitimize the web applications that I have created (including development of new ones) — the idea seems to be clever, and I have no objection to provide my service.

It would be cool to work with our IT Department. Perhaps soon, I will formally submit my application to them, and hope they are still interested.

*Incidentally, while writing this blog post, another email popped-up requesting my assistance for the website content for another Division within our Department. I replied clarifying my participation and role particularly I am not from within their Division.


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