Drupal or Joomla

I have registered a domain name at Go Daddy since April this year but I am still undecided what to place there. I had been using this domain only for experimentation purposes along with Free DNS, where originally I used to host my own website using my own desktop, as well as to redirect my created subdomains to certain websites, including to a free webhosting site that I have an account which is 000webhost.

Meantime, just several days ago I decided not to host my site locally anymore, and activate my domain name pointed at 000webhost. I tried both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 and both works works perfectly fine (though I prefer Drupal 7 as it is – as expected – more advanced and easier to use).

However, out of curiosity, I removed my Drupal 7 installation to try to install WordPress, to host and transfer my blogs at my registered domain. I succeeded in installing, including importing my blogs (from this site). Though after second thoughts, I feel myself more comfortable keeping this site (swrphome.wordpress.com) and freeing my registered domain for other use.

Drupal or Joomla

Drupal or Joomla

So it is settled, I will not transfer my WordPress blog there, though right now I am torn between using Drupal or Joomla as my CMS for my domain. It is however, my larger concern that I still do not know what should be the content of my site.

Now the question is… which is better (or which platform will I be more comfortable), Drupal or Joomla. Though more likely, I will go for Drupal.

And I think my dilemma is not about the CMS but the content :) or keep it as it is, just an experimental site.


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