Food and Water for Santa

So it is December already. The weather is getting colder each day, and it is nice to open the windows for the fresh cool December air — and I live on a desert :)

Yesterday we setup our Christmas Tree sans other decors that we hope to complete within this week.

To others, setting up Christmas decors first day of December is still too early, though for Filipinos – the “ber” month (September) signals the beginning of the season. Last year, as I recall we have our decors in place as early as October.

December Two

...and the Christmas countdown officially begins at swrphome

Anyhow, this morning while preparing to leave home (to work for us and school for the kids), I hear Sophie mention something… “Santa Claus… Christmas“. I am not paying attention so I was not able to understand what she was saying, so I just responded: “Say that again please… what do you want Santa give you this Christmas?“.

She countered, “No!” and continued while looking at the Christmas Tree “We need to give Santa food and something to drink” referring to when Santa visits us.

Sophie is really a nice girl and not the materialistic type, with noted traits of selfless act this early. She does not ask anything for her as gift, even during her birthday or other occasions. In contrast, his Kuya Rinojo already has 5 things in mind to choose for as his Christmas present (to which I know, he will keep on repeating – usually with changes – until December 25), and even this early he has something in his mind already as gift for his 9th birthday up to his 16th birthday.

And the Christmas countdown begins…


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