Run Barnett, Run

This is actually an attempt to have my second post for the second day of January, hoping I can post as much as I can starting this year. So here is my blog for this day…

Last week I purchased a running shoe, hoping I can do some running (or at least walk first as my wife says). But hmm, I seem can not fulfill this desire since last week (but I will try to do it soon — I promise — and post some proof here, ha ha.)

Running Shoe

Unused, I can still put on top of my laptop - tomorrow it will get some dirt :)

But perhaps I can wear this tomorrow and walk to the theater as I have had scheduled myself to watch “Sucker Punch”. I hope I will not be late to require me ride a bike (or ride the car). Speaking of which, I am supposed to watch it tonight (scheduled at 8PM), but at past 6PM I decided to take a nap only to wake up at 7:30PM then decided to skip it for tomorrow. Tomorrow, it will be shown at 6PM.

What I did though tonight was to do some housekeeping with this blog, where I tried to organize my posts by categories.


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