Talking in Codes

Learning language is fun, yet you need to practice it to retain familiarity to say the least, and practice even more to ensure fluency or mastery. This post however is not about human language but computer language (though the principle can be applied in both).

I learned PHP several months ago in my quest to build a dynamic website capable of deploying web applications. At the course of learning the language through self study which includes reading books, researching in the internet, and watching YouTube videos, I was able to build (to which in my opinion) a fully functional web application.

Talking in Codes - PHP

Talking in Codes - PHP

A couple of days ago, I revisited the codes that I made and I was both amused and amazed looking at it, wondering how I was able to write those lines. It is like stumbling on an essay made during college years and marveling the depth and eloquence on how it was written, and while you are definitely sure you wrote it but you are not sure anymore if you can still compose such document — and this is the same feeling I had looking back at the codes.

I want to maintain familiarity with the language so I decided to have some practice. Unlike in human language it would always be a pleasure to talk and hear your own voice as you speak the language, computer language simply reclusive — you have talk to yourself by pounding the keyboard with the associated symbols representing other symbols, where the dollar sign represents functions and combination of characters represents commands. You write your thoughts in logic and statements answerable by yes and no. It may seem easy (or was it?), but in the programming world an excess dot or a missing character can spell trouble rendering your project inoperative.

In my attempt to review my skills, I have had decided to restructure the codes and rename functions. I am satisfied to be able to deconstruct and reconstruct with about 95% of positive results. I am still figuring out the remaining 5% that I need to debug and correct the codes.

It is a wonder how 0 and 1, yes and no, can create structures, systems and programs.


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