loss, lost, lose

It is February! After the failed attempt on January to post as frequent as I want, this is my first post after almost a month.

Last week of January I had lost my wallet, containing some cash and all the plastics (i.e. atms and credit cards) including my iqama (residence permit) and Saudi driving license. After waiting a week or two hoping it will still be returned to me — that unfortunately did not happen — I decided to simply call/email the bank to cancel all my cards and request for replacement.

However, it is the iqama card and drivers license that is much of a hassle, that I have to request from our Government Affairs service center to process (this is after reporting the loss to our Security Department, within the week the wallet was lost). Among the requirements is the photo, that I have to go to a studio to have the it taken.

After the photographer took my photos, I was told that it will be available after about 15 minutes. Thus, I decided to take my lunch instead and opted for broasted chicken.

For the past several weeks, I always skip lunch trying to lose some weights. Incidentally I suspect this (skipping lunch) could be the same reason why I lost my wallet — but this is another story. I will write another post as soon as I have breached the 84kilos mark on the weighing scale, down from the alarming 89kilos several months ago, but again this is another story. Currently I weigh around 85kilos, which is my weight 3 years ago prior to coming here at Saudi Arabia, that I was able to even reduce to 79kilos during my first months here. Anyways…


My lunch while waiting for the photos.

Lunch Finished

And this is what was left of my lunch.

After ravishing my lunch, I hurried back to the photo studio to collect the photos, then headed back to work. At the office I was greeted by a calendar with the familiar face. Lol, there is actually a free calendar!

Free Calendar, ha ha.

This 'free calendar' is for the win! ha ha

On Saturday, I will submit my request for the replacements of iqama card and drivers license to our Government Affairs.


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