Of WordPress and tumblr…

WordPress and tumblr

WordPress trying to emulate tumblr. lol.

My last post here was last week. I was amused today when I noticed the unfamiliar landing page of WordPress (not sure if this change is recent). Anyhow, this new feature (again I am not sure it is a new feature indeed) immediately reminded of tumblr. Though based on my personal bias, I do not like tumblr — or should I say, I prefer the ‘hardcore’ blogging style of WordPress than the ‘easy-go-lucky’ approach at tumblr.

I have my own account at tumblr that I registered two years ago, that I failed to maintain. Curiously I revisited my site and revealed that my last post was still on October 2010. I should say, I still post here at WordPress, and I am confident to say this account is still active.

While I understand that WordPress is trying to compete with other blogging sites, including incorporating networking and social media elements such as that found on tumblr, I just lol’d imagining an old grandfather wearing some fancy hiphop dress in an attempt to look cool like his adolescent grandson. lol.

Though of course, in the real word I further understand that WordPress needs to reinvent itself in order to gain more ‘market share’. Perhaps I may find this “quickie” useful on my other posts (not to mention that I have had made similar quick posts previously). In any case, I wish WordPress success, and I will always be a loyal fan, thankful having it as medium chronicling my lucid intervals.

Anyhow, I will now post my original thoughts prior to noticing what was mentioned above…

Facebook and Poker

Weekend with Facebook and Poker

The photo above illustrates how I spent my weekend (some Facebook, and some more poker — though most of the time I am busy coding for another web application that I am currently working on).

Interestingly with the iPad, I was able to play Zynga’s Texas HoldEm Poker, which I was not able to do for I think about 2 years already, as this game (site) was restricted here in Saudi Arabia. I would just want to wish, the government will not also ban this game on iPad. I do not play FarmVille, CityVille, CastleVille “or any other ShitVille” (he he), though I love to play poker — and I only play with free chips (I have never purchased any chips before nor I have any intention of buying chips).

Facebook's Texas HoldEm Poker

Access to Facebook's Texas HoldEm Poker is restricted here

The above image is how the web browser looks like, upon accessing Facebook’s Zynga’s Texas HoldEm Poker web application.


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