Fleet Management Information System

I had been coding for almost a week for the past several days. I am currently working on a fleet management information system for our leased vehicles. I volunteered the concept of this project to my boss last week, to which he readily appreciated and would want us to present to our Director, thus I need to take extra effort to present something already functional (sans the validations and layers of security, that I need to implement further on). The current version is for demonstration purposes. I am anticipating inquiries and possible revisions for salient functions anyway.

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management Information System for Leased Vehicles

The idea of this system occurred to me last month, when an issue was raised on a meeting on how to monitor the maintenance of our leased vehicles. This system would address the issue, aside from other features relevant to managing the fleet.

There would be five major elements of this system, which are the ‘vehicle information’, ‘user information’, ‘maintenance information’, ‘accident record’ and ‘traffic violation record’, with respective roles and access credentials for management, consultants, service providers and vehicle owners/users.

A Quick Glance at the Systems

A quick glance at the system.

I made the system clean and straightforward, with the primary goal of providing information quick and easy. No fancy graphics to make the system load fast, as this is a web based application.

The point of attention though is to make this system user friendly and scalable. This early, I am already receiving request to add other functions… this of course will be subject to further development, I just want to set up the backbone at the moment, and add modules as necessary.

Meantime, I am developing this system as the current method we are using is ‘excel-based’, ha ha. I hope that our IT Department picks up this project, to have an official version of this fleet management information system *wink*.


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