Ghost, War Horse and OS X

Friday morning before noon, I became busy with my Macbook Pro as it suddenly froze. When I tried to reboot, it always got stuck and won’t get past the loading screen. I tried to reboot it for several times to no avail. I even tried to boot on Windows 7 (as this machine is capable of dual boot) but it also hangs and won’t booth.

Good thing I have the installation disk, and having the iPad handy (though I also have an old reliable PC with Windows XP) I managed to consult the internet. As expected a huge resource of information can be obtained from google. I can read similar case of Mac not booting as early as 2006 to the most recent in 2012.

Mac OS X installation

Installing Mac OS X, following instructions from iPad.

After completing the installation from the DVD installer, I was asked to update to the latest version of ‘Snow Leopard’. I am thinking of trying ‘Lion’ though my primary objective is to keep my machine running as soon as possible as I have a busy day the following day (first day of the week with weekly reports to be submitted). Aside from the learning experience (performing the maintenance myself), again I decided to fix it myself as it will render me virtually useless incapable of performing work without it should a technician take it away. I am prepared for a long Friday anyway. It took me about 6 hours — including lunch and coffee break :) to fix the machine.

Updating to the latest version of Snow Leopard

Updating to the latest version of Snow Leopard.

I was at first worried I will not be able to fix or restore the system worried of the important documents and files that I have not backed up yet. It was a pleasant surprise though that after several failed attempts, assessment, research, I succeeded in reinstalling the operating system and with few more clicks, the machine is back to normal. I really liked how easy it is to restore a Mac OS X operating system. I never have to reinstall other third party (previously installed) softwares. It simply worked perfectly fine (except to some programs that requires the latest version of the operating system, to which I mentioned that I updated) as soon as the system boots.

To relax myself, I decided to watch “War Horse” which is by the way a nice movie. I am expecting it to be boring good for wasting time, but it turned out to be entertaining. Perhaps watching movie on the cinema is not comparable to watching the movie on a television (with all the distractions), thus I believe I enjoyed the movie — about a horse. Incidentally I also watched “MI4: Ghost Protocol” a couple of days ago, it is also entertaining though in my opinion the movie is a bit overrated.

Mac OS X for the win!


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