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Early Wednesday morning last week, I had to file a leave of absence as Sophie is sick with fever, Joyce can not be absent as she has something urgent to attend. We were thinking Sophie would feel better come Saturday for her class but on the contrary come Friday Rinojo got sick himself too. Thus on Saturday it was Joyce turn to be absent from work. I can not be absent as I am loaded on Saturdays with reports and I have a couple of meeting schedules to attend.

Today Sunday however, Rinojo is still not feeling well (and Sophie too), I was asked by Joyce if it is possible that I file another leave. Hesitant that I am, I conceded. I informed my boss about this small family emergency that he understood. I however volunteered to continue my usual work online.

And today, I was able to finish a simple web application containing the directory of our organization. I did the coding at home while watching over the two kids.

Support Services Directory

Looks good on MacBook, iPhone simulator and iPad.

This was actually inspired after a meeting with IT team last Saturday. They were actually simply asking for the contact information from our organization as they are developing a University-wide directory. The issue however is that there are too many phone numbers that ideally would want to limit having a central phone number similar to a helpdesk. I explained however that it is quite difficult to implement within our organization due to that fact that we have various service providers.

Anyhow, I presented to the IT team some of my works as well as my planned projects, thereafter inquired any possible assistance they can accord. I explained to them that I am developing these webapps using open source materials and free services available on the net.

I am glad they appreciated my works and is supportive of my plans. Though I am not very optimistic that I can be given resources (e.g. hosting for my works, database access), I am however contented having my works acknowledged.

After the meeting, the following day, I was given names of some apps for me to look at, including iStanford, Duke Mobile and TTU Mobile. After downloading the apps, I find it very interesting. But I am more interested to find out if the University would follow developing these kinds of apps with information accessible to the public. Because as per my own experience, some of the apps that I developed were not supported due to “privacy concerns”. I will be a curious spectator.

Anyhow, I was introduced to another technology (blackboard) where the above mentioned apps were built, and apparently where the University is gearing to build its own apps. Hmm, I hope I can learn how to use blackboard in the coming weeks.

I was given a link to blackboard, though I can not access it as it requires login credentials (to which the University has an account). I should ask for login credentials and that I hope IT will grant for my access.


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