85 Kilos Mark Breached!

Yahoo! I was able to breach my 85 kilos (below) target. One morning the weighing scale registered me at 84.4 kilos (yeah I know, this is still heavy for you pundits out there, lol — but this is a personal best in my recent years, and an accomplishment after an alarming 89 to 90 kilos scale, he he).

84.4 Kilos

The weighing scale might be in a good mood this morning.

Perhaps the Earth’s gravitational pull is weak on that day, yet definitely it is not the battery of the scale that is weak. I was so glad and fulfilled for that achievement, I celebrated. And what a good way to celebrate than to eat some food that I craved. Food that I tried to avoid the past weeks.

First there was this craving for fried chicken, I was thinking of KFC but since the nearest KFC branch is 100 kilometers away — I just settled with Mang Gustin’s or was it Abdullah’s or perhaps Baheer’s. Oh well it does not matter, it is fried chicken all right and it was freshly cooked. Fried chicken (or ‘broasted’ as more aptly called here) can be found on every corner. The meal costs SR 11 for the (half) chicken, plus additional SR 3 for the soft drink and water.

Fried Chicken

Thuwal's version of fried chicken meal.

Next is chicken kabsa. When I say fried chicken is in every corner, then I should also say that chicken ‘kabsa’ is side to side with the fried chicken with 2:1 ratio in favor of the chicken kabsa. Unfortunately there is no lamb chops in the area, which is what I actually crave. Anyhow, I want to have this chicken kabsa too anyway. The cost of the meal is around SR 14 for a half chicken with rice, and including the drinks.

Lechon Manol

Thuwal's (and Saudi Arabia in general) ubiquitous 'lechon manok'

The above photos/meals were taken several weeks ago and were taken a couple of weeks apart. Today, I decided to have lunch. I have nothing particular in mind, I just want to be away from the office to unwind and relax a bit. So I drove again to our neighboring town to scout for a place to eat. I do not have a favorite place. I usually dine on any restaurant that I find interesting for the day. This time I am torn between chicken kabsa and fried chicken.

The timing was that immediately after the “Dhuhur (midday)” prayer. Some stores are still closed, while those that are already open are full with customers. I decided to drive a little farther more and got intrigued with a newly opened fish restaurant.


Fish with Sayyadia Rice

I do not know what the type of fish was offered to me, as I grew up only familiar with ’tilapia’, ‘bangus’ and ‘galunggong’. Like in any fish restaurant here, raw fish are displayed on the chiller and that they will cook it as you order. Regular meal costs about SR12 (fish and rice), though my meal costs me SR35 as I asked my fish to be upgraded in size (the fish costs SR24, rice SR5, salad SR5 and the drink at SR1).

I was thinking the fish would shrink when fried, but when it was served to me, the fish is quite big indeed.

So there you go. I celebrated breaching the 85 kilos mark! And perhaps your guess would be as good as mine. The end result of these ‘celebrations’ is that I am back to between 85 to 86 kilos. Darn, why is it so easy to gain weight than to lose it.

Nonetheless, my new target is set at 83 kilos. I do not know when I can achieve this, but I will post the evidence soon! (I just need to do a little research when will the Earth’s magnetic pull next be weak, ha ha).


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