First Night at the Gardens

Our housing was reassigned from the Island to the Gardens. We had been living at the Island for almost three years, and we came to love the place mostly due to the proximity of our place to the commercial areas such as the retail outlets, recreation centers, theater, supermarket, parks, the sea side and other places of interest.

However, we were given the chance to bid for a new (and bigger) house at the Gardens. It is relevant to note that as one of the pioneers of the University we were privileged not to pay the rent. Utilities such as electricity and water are still free of charge (the University though may charge us with the utilities soon — which I think is still fair).


New Housing Assignment at the Gardens

A week ago, when it was announced that we won the bidding, we made our initial inspection and have some minor issues fixed.

Yesterday, I signed my housing agreement and was given the keys beginning the 14 days allocated transition period to move from the old residence at the Island to the new one at the Gardens. In the evening, we went to the house bringing with us some handy stuffs (we will be provided with boxes and official relocation service).


The frames do not look right, says Rinojo

At the masters’ bedroom, Rinojo called my attention for the frames at the head board. I am impressed he got eyes for details.


This looks better.

The kids love the place especially the family area at the upper floor, which is something we do not have at the old house. The plan is that we will just stay for a short while, but they got tired playing and both fell asleep. We just decided to sleep at the new house. However, I felt it is necessary to have a quick trip to the old house and fetch some food for breakfast (and some hard stuffs along too).


I need to have the access point to feed our internet diet.

Our new house by the way is just a stone’s throw at the golf course, yet just few kilometers from our old house and the commercial establishments in between.


Our new housing assignment for the coming days and perhaps years, thanks to the University.


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  1. weeeeeh ……………… feeling richie! tulungan ko kayo maglipat?

  2. he he, meron namang maglilipat, lalo na ruon sa mabibigat (e.g. piano), pero we were given 14 days to vacate the old house, so malamang maunti-unti na yung mga puedeng mabitbit.

    Pero sabihan mo lamang ako kung kailan mo gusto pumasyal.

  3. hi i just read your blog, and happy to find a Filipino in KAUST. would like to know more about the place please? thanks

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