Sixth Office

This is my fifth office move (thus sixth office assignment), not that I am complaining nor claiming this is an extraordinary feat. I am blogging this for reference purposes only.

Last July (before going on my annual vacation), I packed my things after I was informed that personnel of our division will be transfered to another office location. I was anticipating that the transfer would occur while I am on vacation so I secured my things and packed them to safety.


All boxed, anticipating the office move while I am on my annual vacation.

However, when I reported back for work (last week of August), all my stuffs are still at the office. The move was delayed for some reasons, yet by coincidence I was advised that I need move. I have to arrange my transfer and have it done the same day (first working day after my vacation).

I was the first staff from our division to transfer to our new building assignment. Other staffs followed the following week.

My sixth office assignment

My sixth office assignment.

Battle Station 6

Battle Station, ready!

I was able to blog preceding office moves such as the most recent five months ago (which was my fifth office assignment) as well as my move almost two years ago (my third office assignment). If I knew I am going to move this often, I should have blogged each and every move — again, for reference purposes.

How I wish I could post pictures of my other offices, but I have to dig my image files for the past four years, some of which were bygone with Friendster-era. Perhaps I will just blog again as soon as I finish compiling photos of all my six offices.


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