Of Minecraft and Anonymous Princess

Time flies really fast when one is busy. I was not able to post a single blog for the month of October. I will take this opportunity to write something this first week of November. October indeed is a busy week, especially at the office (though I do not intend to bore myself blogging about my office work).

For the past couple of months, I began going to work on my bicycle. This is something cool, as I think not many workers can go to work on a bicycle.

Bike Gear

My daily companion — backpack, helmet, ID, and a sun visor — on the way to work and off back home.


My next target is to go to work on a skateboard, lol.

The first week of October, we celebrated Rinojo’s 9th birthday. I made a DIY Minecraft shirt that my son proudly wear at his party (swimming pool party actually with his classmates and friends), along with a Minecraft cake that we ordered and for him to blow candle. After the party, I finally bought the full version of Minecraft (something he’s been longing for almost a year), after using ‘evaluation copy’ on ‘selected servers’.


“Ninecraft”: Minecraft theme for the 9-year old fanatic

Minecraft Shirt

A (green) shirt, some adhesive tapes, a spray paint — then viola, a Minecraft shirt.

Come November, it was Sophie’s turn to celebrate her 7th birthday. It is customary in our country to celebrate the 7th birthday, thus we exerted extra efforts to have it memorable, inviting friends, having the food catered, and hiring a performer (magician) to thrill the kids and guests alike. The theme of the event is an adventure/animal party — which was Sophie’s choice. We were suggesting to her to have a fairy/princess theme, but she seems not to fancy being a princess.

Sophie's Invitation

Sophie Turns Seven: She’s in the mood to pose. The photo was taken at our house, point-and-shoot method (not in a studio). This will explain the shadows on the wall, that I did not bother to remove.

Sophie with Her Girlfriends

Sophie with her girlfriends watching the boys who are still busy with their turn participating a game.

Eid Holidays:
Last week of October (up to Sophie’s birthday) was Hajj Eid holiday where there are no school and offices. We elected to just stayed though mainly preparing for Sophie’s 7th birthday. Last year, we were in Italy, where we celebrated her 6th birthday visiting the Vatican.

Of course the long (one full week) of holidays will not be complete without the movie marathon, including watching the 2 full seasons of “The Walking Dead” and some reruns (e.g. Sliders, Chuck) of the TV shows I either missed or would like to watch again.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: On this photo, I am already on Season 3, while my wife is still catching up with Season 2.

It was the third year we celebrated Halloween within the community here, with my usual assignment of handing treats to the kids, while Rinojo and Sophie (with their mom) doing their rounds.

Halloween 2012

Left: Rinojo with the ‘spooky’ dummy we made (people are telling me they are anticipating it will jump from its seat, ha ha). Right: The kids examining their loot.

This is my first attempt to purchase on Ebay. I ordered for a Guy Fawkes mask first week of October, to which it safely arrived after three weeks. I was actually losing hope that it will actually arrive (from USA to Saudi Arabia) as the status of online shipping tracking is not being updated. The mask costs me $8.75 (original WB merchandise) plus shipping cost of $7.99.

Incidentally, a week after placing my order on Ebay, I saw similar mask being sold at downtown Jeddah that I purchased two (2 pieces at SR75), one each for me and my son Rinojo, even if it is just a cheap imitation from China.

I had been longing for this mask for the longest time. My interest sparked anew with the Philippine Government’s enactment of RA10175 or The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, to which I personally strongly oppose.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Guy Fawkes Mask

Guy Fawkes’ mask (the icon for the Anonymous group) purchased from Ebay.

Remember remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder, treason
Should ever be forgot…

T’was a busy October. November is finally here, a month before Christmas and eight months before my annual vacation :)


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