MVPI – Jeddah

MVPI stands for “Motorized Vehicle Periodic Inspection”, a system being implemented here in Saudi Arabia which is a particular requirement for vehicle registration (my car’s registration got expired since July, and after four months I was able to process it for registration).

For those seeking information about the complete vehicle registration process, this blog is not a good reference as my car’s registration is still being processed by the dealer (KIA Motors) — I consider it a “perk” for still not being fully paid *wink*. Information contained here is only about my experience with MVPI (in Jeddah). The official website for this facility can be found here.

Location Map

Location map of the MVPI center in Jeddah

I arrived at the facility past 8:00AM, I lined up my car (KIA Sportage) and have it registered on a booth just few meters from the actual inspection center (registration does not require to step out of the car, as it is just just a toll gate) handing over my car registration and a fee of SR73. There are about ten lanes at the facility. After a couple of minutes the attendant gave me a ticket along with the returned car registration.

I then moved my car and parked where a technician is waiting. I handed over the ticket and the car registration, then I was instructed to wait at the end of the inspection facility (where the car would exit).

It took only about five minutes to complete the inspection — and have it marked failed by the staff on another booth near the exit. The car failed due to leak on the exhaust pipe (muffler).

Fail Inspection

First inspection failed due to exhaust leak.

Within the premises there seems to be a hundred of car repair shops with overeager staffs that would literally block your vehicle to offer their services. I drove slowly, which makes the ‘salesman’ more agitated, scouting for the shop that I need (I was looking for a muffler shop). They can conveniently know those failing the inspection test as a sticker will not be attached to the vehicle.

When I finally found the shop I was looking for, I parked my car and asked for the service. He offered SR80 for the repair (acetylene work to patch up the hole), but I was able to reduce it to SR70 (it is common and customary to ask for the “last price”). Within 15 minutes the job was done and I returned back to the inspection center.

I lined up my car on the same lane, this time (past 9:00AM) I noticed there are more cars, but the queue is moving fast. At the booth, I was given a new ticket upon payment of SR24 (re-inspection fee), and after few minutes of waiting, it was my cars turn for the inspection. I noticed that the technicians forego some of the other tests and seems to concentrate instead on the exhaust pipe (where it was marked failed the first time).

KIA Sportage

“K9”, my black KIA Sportage at MVPI facility (odometer reading at 39,711 km since acquiring the unit on 09/09/09)

After another couple of minutes, the technician signaled to his fellow technician that my vehicle passed the tests. A sticker was then fixed on my car’s windshield and I was handen over an inspection document with the “pass” stamped on it. When I left the inspection center, nobody approached my car as they knew I already have the sticker.


Second inspection. Passed!

Then I went to KIA Motors to submit the MVPI document along with the copy of my Iqama and driving license, for them to take care continue to process the renewal of my car’s registration.

MVPI mission accomplished.


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  1. bean othman

    hi. Thanks so much for this blog. I have a question and thought you could help me with it – I want to sell my car. I have the istimara which is valid up until 2014. Do I still need to take my car to MVPI before I can sell my car to the new owner? Thanking you in advance…

  2. your experience is really useful for the new guys those who want to go for FAHAS like me..

  3. Many thanks for this blog. It is very helpful as I will be going for Fahas renewal of my car for the first time in a week’s time.

    • Hi Faheem,

      My Fahas is also due end of this month. So I will be going for Fahas in few days time.
      Did you get your Fahas inspection done? Any feedback for another first timer?

  4. I done the fahas of my car
    But result not online
    So what should i do now ????

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