Finally Ubuntu

It took me quite a while to decide what operating system to install with my Acer Aspire X1930. It is a relatively cost-efficient machine that I decided to purchase last Friday. The box contains only the desktop, a mouse and a keyboard (no monitor included nor a Microsoft Windows operating system). I got it at eXtra for only SR1,149.

The specification is not highend: Intel Pentium CPU G630 at 2.7GHz (core duo), 2GiB DDR3, and 250GB of hard disk capacity, but compared to my other desktop PC (Compaq Presario SR10302) that I had been using since 2006, this one is a better rig.

The machine has only FreeDOS installed, which eventually reduced the cost of the unit by few hundred Saudi Riyals. I wanted it that way anyway as even if there is a Windows operating system installed, it would only be a ‘Starter’ or ‘Home Edition’ that I will not be satisfied. Same goes with Microsoft Office suite, it will only be an evaluation version that would require code purchase to unlock full version.

Of course I have no intention to stare on a black screen with with texts performing DOS commands, choosing an operating system to install though is a challenge. I was actually choosing between Windows 8, Windows 7, and for sentimental reasons – Windows XP.

After much contemplation and soul searching (ha ha), I decided to install a Linux operating system (Ubuntu). I could have partitioned the hard drive to accommodate both Ubuntu and a Windows (to which up to now I am still undecided which Windows version), but what the heck I decided to just have the Ubuntu. As of now, I still do not have regrets, but thinks I am really enjoying my new OS.

Finally Ubuntu

Slept past 2:00 AM last night, I mean today morning (or whatever), finally deciding to have a Linux operating system installed.

I think I am really getting alienated with Microsoft. Looking back, it had been a long way since my serious relationships with Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Millenium, XP and Vista, until I switched to Mac OSX in 2009. (Though technically, I still have Windows XP on the Compaq Presario metioned on earlier on this post, as well as I still have Windows 7 installed on my Macbook Pro but I do not want it to count as I am not using it, or to be more accurate I am using Windows 7 only when I need to access certain programs on SAP or certain features on SharePoint and Outlook).

Anyways, last night I felt as if I am wearing a ‘geek hat’ again doing all those DOS commands that I had long forgotten, in addition to learning new lines of codes and commands for Linux. And yeah, I slept past 2:00AM last night, I mean today morning (or whatever), finally deciding to have a Linux operating system installed.

And so today I finally entered a relationship with Ubuntu (12.04), with all the open source programs and applications that I can freely install, as such I do not need to wear my ‘pirate hat’ (I mean install “evaluation versions” of applications that I usually tend to forget to uninstall).

Disclosure: I have discovered an old photo of my past fling with Ubuntu (10.10), captured more than two years ago, but I swear I was still immature then and felt I was not still ready.

Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 in 2010 blossomed into a sleek and stunning Ubuntu 12.04 in 2012


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