Why I Love Mondays

[Prolouge]: So I woke up at 2 in the morning. I slept early tonight at 8 PM because for the past few days I am sleeping at around 2 AM. I usually force myself to go to bed at 12 midnight and maximum 1 AM on weekdays (and getting up before 7 AM to get to work at 8 AM). I don’t know but it seems my brain is programmed to sleep only for five to six hours per day. On Wednesdays and Thursdays (a.k.a. weekends) I usually sleep past 2 AM but still manage to wake up at around 8-ish to 9-ish in the morning. [End prologue].

I Mondays. But wait, before a reader gets offended or brands me heretic, let me explain. As opposed to workers from other parts of the world, who I know detest and hate Mondays as the grumpiest day of the week. You see, I work in Saudi Arabia where workweek starts on Saturday and ends on Wednesday. Therefore Monday here is the equivalent of Wednesday somewhere else — the middle day of the workweek, and as far as I am concerned nobody complains about Wednesday. Wednesday exemplifies hope (that the workweek will soon end), an achievement (on how workerd survive the preceding two days) looking forward Friday (the best day ever). OK, I skipped Thursday as I think Thursday is a spoiler. Why can’t we have Friday immediately after Wednesday?

I Love Mondays

(Background photo ‘grabbed’ from the internet, copyrighted as watermarked by the owner. Texts are mine. But hey, I have my own similar photo of it, I am just too lazy to look for it on my files in my external hard drive at 3 in the morning and it is a Wednesday.)

Now back to my host country, since Monday reminds me of Wednesday, I love the thought that it is already a Monday — with the same potency of Wednesday for workers outside Saudi Arabia. And that is why I love Mondays.

Oh boy, it is Wednesday already!


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