Come to where the flavor is

No, this blog is not about smoking, neither it is about a cigarette country. “Flavors” refers to the annual food festival being held here in the University. Due to the success of last year’s event, we have decided to repeat it this year and hopefully make it an annual event.

Last year, albeit the long queue on the pay-as-you-order food stalls, community members (and including myself) patiently wait to sample the dishes being sold at the festival.

This year, I have a more active (supporting) role. I am tasked and responsible for the promotions and advertisements on both digital and paper form. I am particularly working on the design/layout of announcements, posters, streamers, banners and booklet, as well as on our intranet site.

The mobile webapp I made for the event, that I mirrored on my site.  Can be sampled by scanning the QR code.

The mobile webapp I made for the event, that I mirrored on my site (the actual site is within our intranet which can not be accessed outside the our network). For demo purposes, the site — intended for mobile devices, tested on both iOS and Android phones, can be sampled by scanning the QR code.

Also, I made a teaser that will be shown in the cinema starting Tuesday until the event. This YouTube post is a scaled down version of the 1080 resolution for cinema showing. Mac users may find the clip and the background music very familiar, because indeed I used one of the templates on iMovie for this video.

It will be busy days ahead to complete the assigned tasks to me. Though puffs of Marlboro may be help on times like this, but I am a non-smoker, so I will just settle for lots of cups of Nescafe.

I just wish I could win one of the raffle prizes on the day of the event — and sample more of the foods too!


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