Seventh Office

It has been exactly a year after moving in to my sixth office, and now I had to move out into my seventh office. Definitely I will not miss the 28°C / 84°F temperature in my room that I endure daily, I will miss though my easy access to food establishments or convenience store during lunch break.

Sixth Office

Preparing to move out from my sixth office. Lucky, I am not claustrophobic, my cell is deprived of windows.

I got used to bike going to office, but this new office is relatively farther — biking is not an option. I have to use the bus. Two routes with scheduled timings.

Seventh Office

My new battle station and seventh office.

The office is smaller but I feel more relaxed here as it got two windows. One in front and one at the back. Unlike my previous office (no windows and secluded), I am now more aware of the surroundings and can witness dusk. The thing is, I really need to be aware now of the time in order to catch the scheduled bus and especially not to miss the last trip back home.

Transportation Building 1

My new ‘grindhouse’ – Transportation Building 1 – I feel for long days and a busy week schedules ahead.


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