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Sophie’s World Rinojo’s Playground is SWRP in swrphome. Already with a boy and a girl, we never thought of having another child, until she came.

It was almost 10 years since my last pregnancy. When I noticed that I was missing my period for two weeks, the thought of buying pregnancy test kits felt exciting and troubling. It was mixed emotions. Raising two hormonal preteens and a workaholic husband, plus a silly dog, and house chores had stretched me to the limits. Now having a new baby, what am I thinking?

Double line


But when the pregnancy kits showed up two lines, I was grinning with joy. I realized I was actually ready and happy for another child. Hesitation and troubles disappeared right away. That I need not worry if I wont be able to take care of Sophie as much as before because it’s time she learns how to be more independent. That Rinojo will be thrilled to finally have a new sibling that he likes for a long time. And Seve, he was just happy realizing that he’s ready too. Then I will have someone to keep me company when the three of them are at work and school. We will have something new in the family. We were all happy for the good news.

“We… are the Crystal Gems! We’ll always save the day! And if you think we can’t, we’ll always find a way. That’s why the people of this world believe in Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and Steven!”

Sophie loves singing this. She was so much into watching Steven Universe and researching about gems. So when we found out we’re having a baby girl and Seve suggested Jade(a green lucky stone) for nickname, we liked it right away. She was supposed to have the same initials as mine, MJ.

Maria Jadea was born on a hot and humid evening of September. We welcomed her to our family with so much excitement. It turned out difficult the first weeks with all of us coping with extra chores. But the coos and smiles are something we all can’t live without anymore.

Seve had to be back at work the very next day we arrived home from the hospital. He took over the kitchen. Waking up early at 5am to prepare breakfast and pack school lunch for the kids. We were thankful to our neighbors taking turns cooking dinner for us the first week. From there, Seve cooked dinner when he arrives home from work. He did the grocery. Iron uniforms. Do the dishes. Walk the dog. The husband who before needed coffee and massage after a day’s work, actually did all these things I never thought he can.

Rinojo became more responsible than ever. He never complained when I ask him to babysit. He was all up to being a good big brother. He was just two years old when Sophie was born. So all these things about taking care of a baby sibling is all new and exciting for him. He loves Jade a lot already even when she was still in my tummy.


Feeding time with the proud Kuya

Sophie was bit detached at first. She was happy to have a baby girl sibling. But she had her own adjustments. She’s no longer the baby of the family. She might not be too excited to have someone to share our attention with. She has more responsibilities now like preparing for school by her self. She worked hard and proved herself very responsible. And she did well trying to be a good big sister. She babysits everyday and over a short time became close to the baby. She found pride whenever she successfully puts baby Jade to sleep. She found pleasure every time the baby laughs and coos back at her. She likes reading books to the baby, and it makes her happy when Jade listens to her. Now she happily tells me that for the first time, she will see a real baby grow right in front of her eyes. She plays with the baby in the mornings upon waking up. She goes straight to check on the baby when she arrives home from school. Jade easily won her over.

Ate Sophie

Ate and Vitamin D

With all the office work and house chore, Seve sleeps in the living room for needed quiet rest at night. I was taking care of baby round the clock from day one. When I had Rinojo, we hired a nanny to stay with us the first months until I was ready to be alone. When I gave birth to Sophia, we took my grandmother from Philippines to help us out. We were brave not to get extra help this time because we thought this is our third baby, we should be expert enough. But it was very difficult. I was anemic, and sore from episiotomy, but I need to keep up with the demands of the new baby. The first weeks, she was waking up every 2-3hours to breastfeed. She always wanted to be held. I was a crazy zombie. I was very thankful that I had her normal delivery. Jade is my second VBAC. I cant imagine how worse our days could have been if I had another caesarian operation. I just think of this blessing when things get hard, plus the thought that this must be my last shot for motherhood baby period. Days went good, like they should be.

By six weeks, baby Jade was sleeping longer up to 7hours but only at daytime. After following some routine and techniques, we made it to sleeping straight at night. By the second month I was a lucky mommy who sleeps with baby at 9pm up to 5am straight, with just one dream feed around 3am. Jade seldom gets cranky and is a happy baby. For some reason, she loves the song ‘Bright’ by Echosmith. I play the song whenever I want to catch her attention, especially on times that she gets moody. As if on cue, when she hears it, she will stop crying, and feed,then sleep.  Thank heavens, we never had health issues except for dry skin and rashes which had resolved by now. At five months, she now rolls in both directions. She babbles a lot and has the sweetest smile. She loves everyday bath time. She loves sitting with support surrounded with different things that she can bang or throw. She likes to play with rattles or anything that produces sound when touched. She wants to feel the texture of anything she can grab, and puts them in her mouth.

It's leap day

Leap Day 2016

I call her my Super Love. I am so thankful she came to our lives. Our lives must have been so boring and quiet when she was not yet with us. Seeing my two older children reminds me that she has a long way to go growing up in my arms. But then time flies by quick. When my older children were little, they can’t go to sleep without either mom or dad with them in bed. At present, on their preteen years, they won’t even let us hug and cuddle them. So now with Jade, I am treasuring the baby smiles, tears, drools, and even the soiled diapers. Everything is just so cute and precious.

Here are weekly photos since the Wednesday she was born. I am so crazy for this baby doll that we super love.

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