All About Cloth Diapers

We already received all the cloth diapers ordered from Amazon. I am so excited!

Why use cloth diapers?


Here’s a photo of Jade’s cloth diaper stash for the past months.

First cloth diaper stash

Her first cloth diaper is a Bambino Mio which was a gift when she was born. That time, I don’t have much interest in cloth diapers. Though I bought some old fashioned flat sheets and waterproof covers because I believe that baby’s skin deserves to breath out of disposables once in a while. There are no cloth diapers in Jeddah shopping malls. I didn’t know anyone else here who uses one. There was no influence to purchase. For the first months, Jade wears that one piece or the flat sheets on some mornings as a breather after a long night in disposable diaper.

Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio is an All-in-One type of cloth diaper, meaning it is the one piece kind that has the soaker sewn to the cloth diaper. It has a pocket where the soaker is inserted, another pad can also be added for extra absorbency.  It has plastic tabs to adjust size, and  Velcro to fasten  waist. Velcro is much easier to use on wiggly babies compared to button tabs, however at present, my toddler plays with the Velcro and can easily unfasten it even with pants. Bambino Mio is bulkier than others, but I feel that my little one is comfortable wearing it because the stay-dry lining that touches baby skin is super soft. It just takes longer to dry after washing because the soaker is built-in.

When we had our vacation in Philippines, cloth diapers are sold everywhere. My niece uses them full time.  I bought 4pcs of Alva 3.0 to try. It is a pocket type cloth diaper, meaning you have to insert the absorbent pad or soaker in the pocket between the outer waterproof layer and the quick dry lining that touches baby skin.

Alva 3.0 Cloth diaper

There are plenty of pretty designs to choose from in Alva. The inner suede lining that touches baby skin is not as soft as Bambino Mio, but Jade stays rash free. We use bamboo charcoal as soaker, it is very absorbent and so far we never had leaks.

Before we went back to KSA, I bought an additional 5pcs of Ecopwet 4.0. Like Alva, it is also a pocket type and with button snaps for fitting adjustments.

Ecopwet 4.0 Cloth Diapers

I like Ecopwet 4.0 better than Alva 3.0 because the lining that touches baby skin feels comfy, made from Bamboo charcoal which has more benefits. It also has inner double gusset for better leak protection. There is a flap to cover the pocket opening. We also use it with bamboo charcoal soaker, as such it is very absorbent. Ecopwet’s bamboo charcoal insert has a snap button to hold it in place inside the pocket.

We had good experience with Bambino, Alva and Ecopwet. We’ve been leak-free and rashes free. Alva and Ecopwet holds more  than Bambino, probably because the bamboo charcoal inserts are better.

Bamboo Charcoal inserts/soaker

I am happy that cloth diapering worked well with us. If you’re in Philippines and want to try Alva and Ecopwet, try FB online shop ChabsUnlimited, they are reliable and offers good prices.

With 10 pcs on hand, Jade doesn’t cloth diaper full time. We haven’t tried them yet at night. At day time, we change every 2-4hrs. I am lazy to hand wash but feels guilty to run the machine for a few pieces. So I rinse with a bit of liquid detergent to get rid of smell, hang to dry, and wait until she uses all 10 pieces before tossing them all in the washing machine for real cleaning. We use about 5 cloth diapers per day, then we wash on the third day. It has to be air dried, so depending on the humidity, sometimes it needs an extra day for drying. Jade gets to cloth diaper about 4 days a week. But now with our new stash already here, we can now cloth diaper daily! Yippee

Some thoughts and lessons learned about ordering thru Amazon.

I wanted to try the best brands and types of cloth diapers. So I did my cloth diaper brand research, scanned thru Amazon and carted different types of the good ones.

We bought 12 pieces of diapers, yet they were delivered in 6 boxes! I am not sure why the items were boxed separately. But we paid shipping for each of the 6 boxes!

The other 2boxes were delivered 3days later.

As for Jade’s previous stash of Alva and Ecopwet, I only spent about Sar200 for all 9pcs! Alva and Ecopwet are China made and available in Philippines.  I bought them while we were there so with minimal shipping fee.

For Jade’s new stash: Swaddlebees, are made in Canada. Charlie Banana are made in HongKong. FuzziBunz are made in China. BumGenius, Bumkins, Thirsties, Rumparooz are all made in USA. These brands are more expensive as expected but with the best reviews.

Jade’s new diaper stash

The shipping fee of Sar389 for all 6boxes is really the heavy part. Overall we paid Sar1,415 for just 12pcs of cloth diapers!

For my husband’s peace of mind, haha. I usually spend approximately Sar250 per month for Pamper’s Premium disposable diapers. Now that we have a bigger stash of cloth diapers, I am planning to buy just one pack per month of disposables (only for night time and day out). That will save us about 160sar per month. So before 9months, the cost of our new stash of cloth diapers is already covered. Then of course we will use it beyond 9months, by then we’re saving. Even earlier  savings if Jade potty trains sooner as it should be easier with cloth diapers. Really ok for savings, well unless I buy more cloth diapers , yay! Next time, if there’ll be a chance, I also want to try the Hybrid Fitted ones. Reviews say they are highly breathable. They are made my WAHMS(Work At Home Moms), and bought directly from them. I like Twinkie Tush which is based in New York, and Boogie Bear Creations based in Vermont. But with the cost of shipping, these likes are impossible haha. They are the most pricey, approx USD45 per piece. Anyway we also have WAHMS who make hybrid fitteds in Philippines, so maybe that’s possible. But really, the most important factor is Jade’s comfort, it’s definitely much ok to sit on comfortable cloth than a disposable diaper with chemicals!

Check out our new ones!

bumGenius Freetime – Jelly

Freetime is the bumGenius version of an All-In-One(AIO) type of cloth diaper. No separate parts, no stuffing required, use easy like a disposable. Now I have to compare it to Bambino Mio as our only AIO the past months. Mio has one thick microfiber as  soaker that though sewn, still needs to be inserted into the shell’s pocket. bumGenius AIO has two not too thick microfiber soakers sewn, that overlaps to adjust absorbency.  The 2 soakers has a stay-dry lining on top side that is safe to touch baby skin, and the absorbent microfiber on bottom part. Both soakers even has pockets where you can insert another absorbent pad if needed.  Still bumGenius is trim fitted, and does not look as bulky as Mio. One-Size means the plastic snaps can be adjusted to fit babies 8-35lbs. It looks wonderful.

bumGenius 4.0 – Love

I bought bumGenius 4.0 though they already released bumGenius 5.0 because many people were  happy with it’s performance and  I want to experience it too. It is a pocket type, with two inserts(absorbent pad) included when bought. One insert is small and lightweight for newborns who don’t pee as much. This can still be used later when baby grows as a booster or extra pad for maximum absorbency.  It looks very bulky when both inserted. My little one is not a heavy wetter so maybe we can try it for overnight use.  The second insert included is larger for the use of growing baby, and has snap buttons to adjust the length of the soaker according to the diaper size setting. The slot opening for the absorbent pad is with an overlapping fabric that is designed to keep it covered so skin is more protected from moist. BumGenius is known for its comfortable stay-dry soft sueded inner fabric and water-proof soft outer shell, trim fit, and good quality. It looks trimmer and feels a lot softer inside out than Alva and Ecopwet. I am happy to have it!

bumGenius 5.0 – Mirror

This is the latest version of bumGenius Pocket type. I didn’t notice I ordered two of the same color,sigh. The pocket is redesigned to provide better fit at the back, it indeed looks less bulky than bumGenius 4.0. We have to try using both to know more the improvements. It promises better material than 4.0 like the suedecloth that stretches for a better fit, an updated stay-dry inner fabric, and a new elastic that is more durable. How much better it can be? I am thankful for my little one, it looks very comfortable to wear.

Charlie Banana-Peony Blossom

This one is new to me as it can be used as a hybrid type of cloth diaper and pocket type as well. It means I can use both a disposable insert especially when traveling or day outs, or a washable insert. I don’t have a Charlie Banana disposable liner. Though I still prefer to use a disposable diaper when going out, the opportunity to use a disposable insert for this washable diaper can be helpful when baby poops, then I can just flush away the disposable insert liner while the diaper itself won’t be stinky soiled. This diaper comes with two washable soaker/inserts,with sizes small and med/large. The soaker’s surface is soft fleece on top side and absorbent microfiber on the other. With that, I have the option to use the large soaker as an insert like a pocket type, and use the small one on top of the diaper shell with the soft fleece layer against baby skin, for extra absorbency. It’s bulky when used both, but my little one is not a heavy wetter so probably we will be good with only one. Charlie Banana have an elastic strap(bra) in the leg casing that can be  adjusted accordingly to the comfort and size of my little one. This diaper has too many options, Cool.

Charlie Banana-Lovely Blue

This Charlie Banana came in a different packaging, and smells of chemicals/plastic-new like it came unwashed from factory. I wonder how many washes it will take to get rid of the smell. The two soakers that came with it don’t have the extra soft fleece on top side, it’s all microfiber thus I don’t have the option to use it direct on baby skin. There’s no clue if this is an older version. Though it is also soft to touch and looks comfy, the inner fleece lining of the other Charlie Banana(PeonyBlossom)  is smoother. This Lovely Blue costs USD21.99, Peony Blossom costs USD22.88. There’s not much difference in price but Peony Blossom is much better material wise.


This Rumparooz is a pocket type cloth diaper. It comes with a microfiber 6R soaker. 6R soaker is a combination of 2soakers, one contoured for newborn use and another bigger size for growing baby. The bigger size soaker has snap settings for small/medium setting. What is special is these two soakers can snap together or used individually in six settings for maximum absorbency, trimness considered. We will try  the medium doubler setting and girl double setting. Rumparooz has dual inner gussets for leak protection and looks a lot better than Ecopwet, it is sewn with details that should snuggle well on baby bum. This diaper looks so trim that settings can be adjusted to fit babies from 6pounds to 35 pounds. It makes me wish that I should’ve started cloth diapering earlier.

Rumparooz – Jeweled

Rumparooz Jeweled is the same as Clyde, only the shell design differs. I read that Rumparooz was developed and first sewn by a mother who’s baby had extreme allergy to disposable diapers. The company patented double gussets in cloth diapering. It was a success. I can say that it was designed and made with love, considering all needs of a baby. Some cute details added are the snap buttons with design, and rubber patch design at the back. I am happy to own two!


Thirsties – Fallen Leaves

Thirsties is an All-In-One type. It is the simplest cloth diaper we have. No pockets to fill, no pads to match, no straps to adjust, it is simply put on and wear like your ordinary disposable diaper. The front snap buttons are the only ones to be adjusted accordingly to fit babies 8-40lbs. The inner lining is very soft. The outer water proof lining is smooth. As an AIO, it has a built-in 3layer microfiber terry soaker which is topped with a stay-dry microfleece that will touch baby skin. The soaker itself actually has a pocket underneath for an extra insert to  boost absorbency, but otherwise use it as it is.  It promises a lesser drying time than other AIO. It looks simple, I am looking forward to know how absorbent and functional it is.


This diaper caught my attention because I like it’s Dr.Seuss print. The diaper label reads Dr.Seuss by Bumkins. It is a Snap-In-One diaper, which is like an All-In-One except that the soaker is not sewn but button snapped instead. This makes drying time faster than an AIO. The inner lining is 100% cotton terry, natural, soft and breathable, great for baby skin.  The soaker that goes with it is made up of layers of microfiber for absorbency and covered with minky fabric on the exterior. The minky soaker can be laid on top direct on baby skin for stay-dry effect, then an additional soaker can be inserted in the pocket for more absorbency. Or soaker can be inserted in the pocket so the natural soft cotton interior lining is direct on baby skin. I hope the company improves their quality control because the soaker that we received was not evenly sewn on the side, it has some loose threads, I am worried it won’t last many washings as the others. Bumkins have too many button snaps. The other diapers usually have 2-3 snaps on each side to fasten on waist, this one has five on each side. Plus the snap-downs in front to configure size to small or medium.  It could be tricky on a wiggly toddler, maybe easier after some practice or use. Bumkins promise of a soft, natural breathable fabric is a big ok for my little one’s sensitive skin.

FuzziBunz – In The Wild

FuzziBunz is a pocket type cloth diaper that can be customized to different sizes according to little one’s body built. It has leg and waist elastics that other One-Size diapers don’t have. As such a medium setting doesn’t have to be the same for everybody, considering that some babies might be small on the waist but chunky on the legs like my little one. Suggestion for a medium setting is to button up the elastic on waist hole 3, and leg hole 5. But that can be adjusted further to 30different settings for waist, leg hole, and diaper length to perfect fit babies 10-40lbs. The inner lining is soft polar fleece. The organic soaker included  is 50% cotton and 50% hemp. However the soaker is too long and narrow for the size of the pocket. I thought at first I got the wrong one. I should fold it before inserting, and I am not sure if it will hold place inside because there’s no snap button to hold it in place. Cotton hemp insert is thin, I wonder how absorbent it will be, maybe I need to wash it plenty of times before it reaches maximum absorbency. FuzziBunz has pretty good reviews, so maybe there’ll be good surprises later.

Swaddlebees(Blueberry)- Owl

We bought this cloth diaper as  Swaddlebees Simplex in Amazon, I think the manufacturer changed name to Blueberry.  It is unique because the interior lining is natural 100% cotton birdseye fabric. It is an All-In-One type with pocket openings on both ends, thus additional soakers can be stuffed as needed for more absorbency. Half of the soaker is sewn flat under the inner lining, while the other half is out.  This part of the soaker that’s out has a microfleece stay-dry layer on one side. So there’s the option to just lay over the soaker with the microfleece touching baby skin for stay-dry effect. Though if preferred, insert soaker in the pocket so the all natural, quick dry, Birdseye cotton is touching baby skin. Now this is our first time to use a cloth diaper with Birdseye inner fabric. It seems cool and breathable to skin. Plus it is trim and light. It should be very comfortable to wear. I wonder though how absorbent it can be. This is so far our most expensive cloth diaper at USD28.95, hoping it’s worth the price.
And that’s it, an additional 12 cloth diapers to our stash of 10. I love them all.  The new ones arrived just a week after we ordered, thank you Amazon. They are all so pretty, with excellent fabric. Different kinds, different benefits. Can’t wait to try them all. Maybe after a few months, I will write to compare each diaper’s performance. I regret that I didn’t start using cloth diapers early.

Cheers to less garbage! Cheers to a happier baby bum! Happy Cloth diapering!


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