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Mostly my adventures and mis-adventures awaiting deployment. My very first post on this blog (or at least when I decided to maintain this) is about working overseas.

Last Day of Work (ISD)

Today is my last day of work at ISD (I was employed here 29 May 2007).


Back in Manila

I was in the Island of Marinduque from 27 Feb to 01 Mar 2008, to attend a wake and funeral of my father-in-law’s mother.  If not for the reason I am there, I would like to explore the place.  Incidentally it was also raining (non-stop) which made it more difficult to roam around. Speaking of rain, it is a very interesting coincidence that the rain stopped for the duration of the funeral march (from the residence to church to cemetery).

There is no cellular coverage for my mobile service provider (Globe Telecoms) so I am out of the loop.

On the way home at the ship, my son is very happy to see several dolphins jumping and swimming. One of which is only about 3 meters in front of us.

I reported back at the office today and advised the President that I will stop work by Saturday – 08 March 2008.  He said he had just spoken with IPAMS President and discussed this as well.  Needless to say it has been officially approved.

I was asked to submit a formal letter of resignation for documentation purposes.

Convenience Over Speed

Yestreday I attended PDOS (Pre Departure Orientation Seminar) conducted in-house by IPAMS.  Also, I signed my employment contracts and other related documents.

I was tentatively scheduled for departure on the 12th of March 2008.  I asked if they can reschedule the flight earlier, but was told that it more convenient if I will travel with the group (thus will need to wait for the other guys).

Therefore, I am on a waiting mode.

Authenticating An Authenticated Document

I finally got the authenticated document at DFA yesterday. 

Step 1: Present your claimstub, at DFA’s ‘CHED’ authentication office. Wait to be called.
Step 2: Pay to the cashier P100, then present back the receipt at DFA’s CHED authentication office. Wait to be called.
Step 3: Releasing of the document (now in red ribbon).

Thereafter I went to IPAMS to submit the authenticated documents.  I was told that these documents – again – need to be authenticated by the Saudi Embassy (perhaps the right term is to be ‘stamped’) after collecting their own authentication fees (this time it is P420, to be deposited at their designated BDO bank account). Only God knows how they authenticate these thrice previously authenticated documents.

We have Saudi Embassy authenticating authenticated documents from the DFA, which was actually authenticated alredy by CHED which is first and foremost authenticated by UST. 

The authentication started on 18 Jan 2008 at UST (thereafter forwarded to CHED), after two weeks was given a claim stub for pick up at DFA on designated date (20 Feb 2008). However I noticed that the date 20 Feb 2008, is still not the ‘pick-up’ date per se, as it is mere the start of processing the documents at DFA. Perhaps it is more ideal and efficient if applicant could simply present claimstub and retrieve the documents within minutes.

There we have it, authenticating a twice authenticated TOR and diploma.

Authentication Required

Tomorrow I will pick up my authenticated diploma and transcript of records at DFA, hope to be there early morning so I can submit these same documents to IPAMS the same day.