29 August 2011: It has been a while since my last post. Either I am busy or do not feel updating this WordPress blog for the past several months. My apologies also for not responding to posted comments here nor for not replying to email inquiries. Most of the inquiries concerns about iqama, visa, medical tests, and it has been a long while (3 years) since I last posted such experience. Needless to say, my knowledge is no longer current and there might be new procedure there.

Since my last actual post last February 2011, I had accomplished quite a few things (and failed as well on some other things). I will try still post and ante-date such events.

Among others – that I recall this moment – I bought a mountain bike hoping to go out more frequently (which I did the first several weeks and failed thereafter). I learned new language (computer language that is) PHP and associated programs like MySQL/SQL, PHPMyAdmin, Apache, added some Java scripting familiarity. Got into photography, having an entry level Nikon D5100. My job title was changed from ‘Planning and Programs Analyst’ to ‘Services QA Specialist’

Hope I can blog more often again.

17 June 2010: I was enticed by a Facebook newsfeed announcing WordPress 3.0 to check back my blog here. I now seriously decided to become active again with WP (I hope I can post more again).

I had previously stated that I may minimize posting here at WP because I already have my Facebook account and a Tumblr account. (Though I became inactive as well with my Tumblr blog, aside from that it became a blog mainly about political satire and has nothing say about myself anymore).

Now I am back here at WordPress… and will not limit anymore to happier thoughts ;) besides I am merely blogging about my personal opinion and experiences. No harm meant to anything or anyone. Yet, it is still “happy thoughts as much as possible”.

25 August 2009: Starting today, I would like to try to publish happier thoughts as much as possible on this blog.

Other not-so-pleasant thoughts I will just have to keep as draft.

30 April 2009: After several attempts to maintain a blogsite (i.e. blogger, blogspot, livejournal, friendster), finally I was able to keep this wordpress account. This blog started in December 2007 – the time when I received a prospect of working (again) in Saudi Arabia.

It is ironic that it is my boss (owner and president of the company that I am working that time) was the one who recommended that I apply with the company that I am currently working. I am actually a Project Officer at that time working with International Skill Development handling recruitment for international job placements. It is however from another recruitment agency that I applied and was hired.

The company that I am currently working here in Saudi Arabia is a very prestigious company, and I am proud I am part of it as one of the pioneers. In as much as I want to mention its name – I prefer not – as it is not my intention to post blogs about the company but rather this post is about me, my thoughts and experiences – whatever posts I may reference to it is purely incidental.

Meantime, it is worth noting that I had previously worked in Saudi Arabia from 1999 to 2006, within the aviation industry (ground handling and aircraft chartering), with primary operations at King Abdullah International Airport (KAIA-Jeddah). In 2006, still with a re-entry visa – we (my family) decided not to return to Saudi Arabia. Perhaps it is my destiny to work in Saudi Arabia, so here I am again.

With this blog I was able to capture the difficulties I faced applying and processing my papers since I was hired in January 2008 (it is also very noticeable from my blog’s calendar – the gap between posts – which may also indicate hardships I encountered before I was finally deployed). As a matter of fact, on the day I reported for work, my new boss joked that I am very ‘controversial’ as I was told there were issues with me at the HR Department, including an attempt to just cancel my hiring. Lucky me, there are some ‘forces’ that insisted that I continue to be hired (I was hired on 05 January 2008 but was deployed only on 25 July 2008).

I decided to continue blogging (January 2009) and to keep this blog active hoping I can provide some beneficial information along my posts. For any comment or suggestion, you may contact me at swrphome(at)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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    Good Day…

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    Im planning my future wife to be my dependant, on my visa since im working here in SAUDI BINLADIN GROUP of company, my profession on my iqama is PROGRAMMER.

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  2. Nakakaloka 2ng clinic na ‘to. Eto na yata pinakapangit na clinic na napuntahan ko. Grabe 1 month na wala pa ung result ng medical ko tas pag tumatawag ka binababa agad ung phone. Magsasalita kuno tas ibababa agad ganun? Sabi 3-5 days ung result pero 1 month wala pa! People wag na kaung pupunta sa clinic na yan. Nakakahiblood nakakabwict!

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