Bohol’s Chocolates Wrapped in Green

Of all the places in the Philippines, Bohol is one of the destinations I am least interested. Perhaps because I do not have a sweet tooth, its ‘Chocolate Hills‘ do not entice me (lol). Or as I tell my wife in jest ‘all other people had been there already’ and I prefer some place different and more exciting.

Last July however, I have to be with the group with my in-laws that decided to travel to Bohol. It is supposed to be the 18th birthday blowout of my wife’s youngest sister. We are 10 in the group including myself, wife and two kids, my mother-in-law, her mother and father, my brother-in-law with his fiancee and the birthday celebrant.


The cast of Bohol trip ;)

We arrived in Bohol morning time with the hotel representative waiting for us to bring us at “El Portal Inn” which is located in the city, less than 5 minutes drive from the airport. Our accommodation was arranged prior to our travel, including the transportation that would accompany us for the duration of our stay.

After refreshing a bit, our driver arrived to begin our trip. I should say the driver is really nice, polite and courteous, I can sense this aside from the fact that Ilongos are know to be soft spoken and ‘sweet’. Also the vehicle is maintained well, clean and with cool aircon.

Our Guide and Our Ride

We headed to the famous Bohol Bee Farm for lunch. The place looks grand with the collection of antiques, paintings and nice landscaping. Noticeably there are fellow tourists relaxing and even taking their naps at the area. The place can accommodate lots of visitors.

Bohol Bee Farm

Our lunch at Bohol Bee Farm

After having our lunch, we continued to Panglao Watchtower (and its adjacent Church), Nova Shell Museum, a zoo, and the “Hinagdanan Cave” before heading back to the hotel.


There are lots of centuries old churches in Bohol.

DAY TWO: After having our breakfast, we began our trip to Rio Grande Tarsier Place, I was able to see a tarsier for the first time, not that I am interested, but I am also not ‘not interested’. There are other exotic and endangered Philippine species caged there. After some picture-taking and hunting for some souvenir items, we were told we are now heading to the fabled ‘Chocolate Hills’. However, on the way to the hills, we made a stop over at a souvenir shop and have some ‘jump shots’.

Rio Grande Tarsier Place

You can shoot (without flash), but you can't touch.

Jump Shot

Spoiler Alert: This is how they do the witch's jumpshot

A park was developed on one of the foot of the Chocolate Hills to be the staging area for tourists including the car park and toilets.

Chocolate Hills

The real deal. Chocolate Hills wrapped in green.

we continued our trip towards the butterfly aviary, man-made forest, hanging bridge (where I saw ‘Buko King‘ performing his tricks). We headed to Loboc River for our lunch cruising the river.

Loboc River Lunch Cruise

Loboc River Lunch Cruise

Next is another visit to a mini zoo, with star attraction Prony, I am not a fan of caged animals so I just sit down and let my kids and my in-laws wander around. Then Baclayon Church, Island Souvenirs, Blood Compact Monument, another Church (I forgot the name), some picture taking by the roadside, then we headed back to the city.

Baclayon Church

Baclayon Church

Blood Compact Monument

Blood Compact Monument

Tired Sleep

Tired after the trip

DAY THREE: Day 3 is beach day! In the morning we went back to Panglao to spend the rest of the day before going to the back to the airport for our flight to Manila. The sand is white and fine that even my two kids were encouraged take a dip, something they do not do on other beaches. You can walk a hundred meters and still safe for non-swimmers, particularly with my two little kids.

Panglao Beach

Panglao Beach: Fine white sands, crystal clear water. Two thumbs up!

We made another quick trip at Bohol Bee Farm to purchase some items that we missed the first day. We also took the opportunity to have a quick tour at the bee farm, watch their local weavers work and taste their ice cream. After which, we headed back to the hotel and straight to the airport.

Bee Farm Weavers

My daughter with my sister-in-law, with the colorful woven products of Bee Farm.

Back to Manila

Back to Manila. Thank you Bohol. I was proven wrong.

Of all the places in the Philippines, Bohol is one of the destinations I am least interested.

I was proven wrong. Bohol is a wonderful and memorable place to visit.


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