All She Wants is a Gluestick

Can’t remember how many Christmas I spent here in the desert, but I am sure it is plenty. As a matter of fact our kids spent more Christmas here that in our home country. Nonetheless, we make sure we celebrate Christmas including the (Filipino) traditions that goes along with the season, including being specifically aware that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Noche Buena 2011

Noche Buena 2011, emphasis on the palabok that I prepared :)

And yes, the visit of Santa Claus is part of the tradition we want to share with our kids, the same manner we enjoyed ‘experiencing’ it when we were kids. Speaking of which, when Sophie was asked what gift she would want to receive from Santa, she simply wished for a glue stick. But of course, Santa knows Sophie is a good girl and deserves more than a glue stick (though still we bought her a glue stick and slipped it at one of our gifts for her).


Sophie's wish from Santa is a gluestick

Rinojo got two Xbox 360 cds from Santa — “Driver San Francisco” and “End War” — that Daddy would surely love too. I do not think though if “Driver SF” is a good choice for Rinojo as it contains explicit language not suitable for him (though Daddy would still love to play). Luckily at the moment, Rinojo is still busy playing with “Portal 2”.

And for Sophie, Santa gave her a Vtech toy laptop :)

Vtech Laptop Toy

Sophie got a Vtech laptop toy from Santa

His Kuya Rinojo is quite generous with Sophie and bought her a big doll. While in return Sophie gave his Kuya two small toy cars.


Rinojo's gift to Sophie -- toy doll that she named "Juliet"

Exchange Gifts

Rinojo all smiles for the exchange gift

Table is Ready

Table is set (hair is not)

Chirstmas 2011

Happy Christmas everyone.


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